One Family Members

Daniel Franke
Daniel was 2 years old when he made his first trip to Bosnia. From an early age he helped collect donations at his school, pack boxes and load containers. Daniel has made many trips to help to deliver container loads of humanitarian aid. He recently graduated from Dominican University and is currently employed at Wells Fargo Bank.
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David, Jacquie and Jim Scurlock
David, Jacquie and Jim have been indirectly associated with One Family through their dad since One Family was started. They certainly share in the kindness and generosity that their father was so well known for. Jim is responsible for the One Family finances.
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Justin Spencer
Justin has traveled to Bosnia several times helping deliver humanitarian aid to refugees. He enjoyed playing soccer with some of the children over there. While none of us know the language in Bosnia, Justin's soccer ball certainly found no language barriers. Justin is fluent in French which has come in handy in our travels.
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Kevin & Maria Smith
Kevin, was responsible for making KGO TV aware of One Family and for setting up the initial "Salute". He also designed the One Family logo. Before moving to Texas with his wife Maria, Kevin did a tremendous amount of work for One Family driving all over Northern California, sometimes in rental trucks, picking up donations and delivering them to our warehouse for sorting, bagging and shipping. Kevin is currently a District Manager for Party City.
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Mark Franke
Always ready to help, Mark has spent many hours sorting, packing and loading the humanitarian aid in the One Family warehouses and has travelled to Bosnia several times to help with the distribution. He graduated from San Francisco State University, currently works for Kaiser Foundation Hospital and spends his free time volunteering in San Francisco soup kitchens.
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Mike Smith
Mike has been surrounded by One Family projects since it's inception. With his parents, aunts and uncles and cousins all involved, it would have been hard not to be. Mike has put in many hours working in the One Family warehouses, sorting, packing and loading many shipments and has travelled to Bosnia. Mike graduated from UCLA and is currently employed by
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Scott Franke
From our very first shipment, Scott has been invaluable in loading the shipping containers. He seems to be able to do everything, from driving a forklift, arranging cartons to best fill tight spaces, and finding a way to get the last pieces into the container. He is always ready to help and a joy to work with.
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Stephanie Smith
Stephanie has travelled to Bosnia many times. Her first trip was when she was three years old. She has helped sort, pack and load containers and distribute the contents in the refugee camps. She has also given presentations to her school to teach her fellow students about the situation in the former Yugoslavia countries and had an article published in Venture Magazine, a national youth magazine which described her work with One Family. Stephanie graduated from the University of Oregon and is currently employed as a police officer.
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Advisory Board of Directors

One Family Members

Helen (Mom)
The matriarch of the Smith/Scurlock family. At the age of 77 she helped start One Family and was actively involved in it's operation. Reaching out to refugees who had no hope was a labor of love for her. She collected donations, helped sort, pack and load the shipping containers, and kept track of the shipment inventory. She also made many trips to Bosnia and worked hard delivering the contents of the shipments to refugees in the various refugee camps. It was not uncommon to see her carrying a 50 pound bag of flour to give to a family. While she couldn't speak the Croatian language, she took the time to communicate with the refugees and became well known for her kindness and generosity. Her love for those in need was definitely a driving force behind One Family.
In Memory of Mom

Deborah Granelli
She is a real organizer. She worked to get our 501(3)(c) approval, manages the One Family finances and works with accountants for our income tax submissions. Utilizing her many contacts, she also works on fund raising and publicity for One Family. Deborah accompanied every shipment and especially enjoyed making the deliveries. She always found a way to connect with the refugee children whether handing out Tootsie Rolls at the Train Camp in Capljina or dressing Barbie Dolls with girls at Domanovici. Deborah worked for IBM Corporation in San Francisco.
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Jim & Dawn Scurlock
As a founding director, Jim provided invaluable advice and support to help One Family get started. He would often travel from his home near Seattle, Washington to California to help load containers. He worked to get One Family registered with United Way so companies can match employee contributions. Jim and Dawn provided monthly financial support which was matched by Jim's employer to help purchase needed material goods for shipments as well as helping to pay for the shipping expense. Dawn continues to be a One Family Director.
In memory of Jim

Glenn Scurlock & Tim Johnson
His wonderful personality and his ability to produce amazing meals has lightened the load for everyone as the containers were being filled. Glenn is always ready to help and has spent many hours at the warehouses working to get shipments on the way.
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Mary & Jim Franke
Mary is a registered nurse (RN) thus our expert in medical supply matters. She developed contacts for getting medical supplies donated to One Family. Mary also sees to it that everything gets delivered to the right places over in Bosnia, so she has personally accompanied each shipment. Her husband Jim Franke has two jobs and yet spends an enormous amount of time helping One Family by picking up donations, sorting, transporting, and so much more. Jim seems to make the impossible happen. If you want to get a wheel chair or a cello over to Bosnia, just ask Jim. Mary is not really a travel agent, however she is ours. She has also organized pilgrimages for other people to visit Bosnia.
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Brent & Sandy Smith
Brent arranged for the One Family 800 number, takes all of the incoming phone calls, deals them out to us brothers and sisters (by area code), and tracks them all in the One Family data base. He also keeps detailed inventories and shipping lists of everything that One Family ships, arranges shipping and prepares the shipping documents to satisfy each country's unique requirements. Brent and Sandy handled the ABC-TV news coverage that gave us wide exposure and resulted in a barrage of phone calls and donations that all of us family members responded to. They are both retirees of IBM Corporation.
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Chuck & Barbara Smith
One of the original founders of One Family, Chuck visited schools, called hospitals, responded to myriad phone calls, picked up donations, gave presentations, hauled, sorted, bagged, prayed, and hoped. He retired from IBM Corporation and spent a few years working for Lockeed Martin. Chuck's sons Chuck and Francis journeyed to Bosnia with One Family in 1989.
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