One Family's 2023 Activities

Pharr Texas

Police Community Outreach Program

Feeding the Poor in Northern Philippines

Assisting Claretian Outreach

The Claretion Outreach program fills bags of food and distributes them almost daily to the poor in several areas of the Philippines. Pictured are deliveries made from March through August 2023. The program is funded by private donors. One Family also helps quarterly with funds for this project. The One Family donors make our involvement possible. We, together with the poor of this area who are being helped, sincerely thank you for your generosity.

Pharr Texas

Pharr Police Community Outreach Progranm

Night Delivery for the Displaced

Feeding the Flood Victims

Feeding the January Flood Victims

Feeding the Flood Victims

Feeding the Displaced People in Quezon City Philippines

Feeding the displaced people in Quezon Philippines

One Family's 2022 Activities

Making Christmas a Celebration

September Delivery to Oakland

Feeding the Poor in Quezon City Philippines

Assisting Claretian Outreach

The Claretion Outreach program creates these bags of food and distributes them to Displaced Persons in several areas of the Philippines. The program is funded by private donors. One Family also helps quarterly with some funds for this project. Our donors make our involvement possible. We, together with the displaced persons who are being helped, sincerely thank you for your generosity.

Recognition from Myanmar

Certificate of Appreciation from Myanmar

This Certificate of Appreciation from the Catholic Archdiocese of Mandalay in Myanmar is addressed to all of the One Family supporters who provide the resources to make this outreach possible. As you scroll down and look at the pictures in this Latest News section of the website, recognize that it is you who made each of them possible. We sincerely thank you for your generosity.

Responding to a Major Earthquake in the Philippines

Providing food and building materials to help earthquake victims in the Philippines

A 7-magnitude earthquake struck northern Luzon, the Philippines’ most populous island on July 27, 2022, triggering landslides and damaging buildings. Pictured are families who moved into tents as their houses were severely damaged. Through our contacts in the Philippines, One Family was able to quickly send food, water and some building supplies to help them as they begin the repair of their homes.

Feeding the Poor in Manila

Delivering food to help the hungry in the Philippines

The Claretian Ministries in Quezon City in the Philippines was having difficulty meeting the need for food for poor families in Manila. They reached out to One Family for help.

One Family's 2021 Activities

Food Donation

Delivering food to help the Monument Crisis Center in Concord, California

In February, One Family checked with the Monument Crisis Center to see if they could use another shipment of food. They replied that they were running low of peanut butter and cereal and they could use pasta and other items. We placed another order with Costco and within two days, UPS delivered the food. This time it was well packaged so we were able to take it right away to the crisis center.

Assistance to Myanmar Refugees

With the military takeover controlling all bank activity and locking the country's borders to all incoming including returning citizens, the poor and refugees inside the country are in a desperate situation. In August, One Family found a priest in Pyin Oo Lwin who has been working tirelessly to help those people and together we devised a way using a trusted 3rd party to send him the assistance he needs.

Assistance sent to priest who is working to feed and clothe refugees in Myanmar
Food for the poor in Myanmar

Assistance to Haiti

Assistance sent to priest who is working to feed, clothe and educate the poor in Haiti

Sometimes it seems that Haiti doesn't have a chance! This year they were hit with another strong earthquake (7.2 on the Richter Scale) followed up by a tropical storm just a few days later. It is a call for help which One Family responded to in September providing a truckload of supplies and 4,500 pounds of rice and beans. In the larger picture, this is just a drop in the ocean when compared to the great need there. But these 9,000 meals will definitely provide some relief.

Assistance to the Philippines

Assistance sent to help people suffering from the super typhoon Odell

One Family's 2020 Activities

Food Donation

Delivering food to help the Monument Crisis Center in Concord, California

In September, One Family received a request from the Monument Crisis Center for another shipment of food. They were running short and especially needed pasta, beans and peanut butter. In this time of Covid-19, it is easier to order the food online and have it delivered to us. This gives us a chance to make sure everything arrives intact. Pictured above is a UPS delivery of enough food for 80 family meals of spaghetti,54 meals of mac and cheese and other items including 56 cans of black beans and 40 jars of peanut butter. It was all taken to the Crisis Center at the end of September.

Food Donation

Delivering food to help the Monument Crisis Center in Concord, California

People are lined up (socially spaced) at the Monument Crisis Center for food. The center normally provides enough food to feed 1100 families for 9 days each month. Due to the Coronavirus, donations have fallen off. In June, One Family contacted them to assess their immediate needs and delivered a truckload with cases of the above pictured items. It is enough food to provide 40 families with the basic ingredients for 3 meals for a day.

One Family's 2019 Activities

Bikes to Pittsburg, California

Giving bikes to poor in Pittsburg

20 bicycles were completely refurbished, loaded onto the truck and delivered to SVDP in Pittsburg, California.
They will be distributed to underprivileged families there in time for Christmas.


July Shipment to Haiti

40 foot shipping containers are filled and sent to Haiti from Pasadena California. One Family receives requests for supplies from it's contacts in Haiti and fills them through donations from generous people and organizations in Northern California. By joining with Mission Haiti and using their shipping containers, One Family is spared the expense of shipping it's own containers.

One Family's 2018 Activities

Oakland Homeless

September Delivery to Oakland

September Delivery to Oakland

Central California Migrant Workers

January Shipment to Farm Workers

One Family's 2017 Activities


April Shipment to Haiti These 40 foot shipping containers are filled and sent to Haiti from Pasadena California. One Family receives requests for supplies from it's contacts in Haiti and fills them through donations from generous people and organizations in Northern California. By joining with Mission Haiti and using their shipping containers, One Family is spared the expense of shipping it's own containers.

December Shipment to Haiti Another shipment was taken to the container in Pasadena in December. This one contained boxes of sheets, towels and blankets to replenish the inventory that was depleted after hurricane Maria.It also included two new Singer sewing machines and a supply of thread. We always try to include some supplies for the school children. This time we sent cases of coloring books, crayons, notebooks, a world globe and a refurbished laptop computer.

A soccer field was recently completed at the middle school in Cite Soleil which has become very popular with the youth. As a result, gang violence in this slum has been measurably reduced. This prompted a request for more sports equipment. We purchased 6 soccer balls and 5 basketballs and acquired 432 pairs of new soccer shin guards to send in this shipment. We'll continue to gather sports equipment for future shipments.

Northern California

Bikes to Catholic Charities Hygiene to Catholic Charities

In December we received an urgent request from Catholic Charities for bicycles for children who will be attending an annual Christmas party in Oakland. They expected 85 children from poor and homeless families to be there and they wanted to give each child a bike. They were short at least 15 bikes. We contacted our sources of bikes and came up with 25 of which we were able to get 20 repaired, cleaned and ready to go in a day. We delivered them along with ten family hygiene packs to be given to families who need them.

Sifting Through The Ashes

Clothes for Homeless

Bikes for Oakland Homeless

Central America

Hygiene Supplies There is a continual need for hygiene supplies, wheel chairs, walkers and canes. Pictured are the latest donations which will soon be leaving for Central America.

One Family's 2016 Activities

The 1500th Bicycle This year One Family repaired and shipped it's 1500th bicycle. Many have provided transportation for adults and often an emotional uplift for those in dire situations. Over the years, bikes have been shipped and given away to those in need in 8 countries from Afghanistan, Bosnia and Croatia to Nicaragua and Peru. They've also been given to migrant worker families in Northern California (120 bikes) and to homeless people in Oakland California (59 bikes) who needed transportation to their jobs. We are grateful for the generosity of those who donated these bikes, the repair parts and their time to make this possible.


AV Carts for Schools One Family assembled two mobile audio visual carts with portable screens to test in the Cite Soleil middle school classrooms and for adult education.The carts, with the included DVD video courseware and internet connected computers, will enable instructors to give visual presentations for the students in their classes. For example, one of the courses is a highly acclaimed 10 DVD set having the muppets teach english. Included are DVD courses teaching geography and math and also several movies with educational content. This will be a new medium for the teachers and students. If these carts work out as we anticipate they will, we'll assemble more and include them in future shipments. This shipment should arrive in Haiti by September then begin the arduous unpredictable process of clearing Haitian customs.

The Spring shipment also included two electronic keyboards and a guitar for the music classes in Cite Soleil and much needed classroom supplies.
Music Instruments
Classroom Supplies

South Texas

Thanksgiving food One Family is working with two local schools and the local food bank to set up a “backpack program” which gives children from poor families a backpack full of food to take home each Friday. The initial goal is to have over 50 children and their families being served each week. The program has received local acclaim and is being expanded to other schools in the area. In addition, One Family is working with four local schools to open their own food pantry which will be supported through fund raising and grants. These food pantries will enable each school to help families who are in need within their community.

At Thanksgiving, One Family partnered with the McAllen Independent School District, Morris Middle School Students, Student Council, Communities In Schools of Hidalgo County, Parents, Teachers, HEB Food Store and the local Wal-Mart Supercenter to help provide all the food for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Through the help of the school's Counselors, Teachers and other Administrators 71 families in need were identified and they each were given a large box of canned goods and a 12 - 20 lb. Turkey.

Shoes for Children One Family once again teamed up with CIS and Morris Middle School for it's very first Christmas Shoe Drive. Our Goal was to take 60 Morris students from low income families on a shopping Spree to Rack Room Shoes. The students were selected by the school staff, counselors, teachers, and social worker. Parents and Volunteers transported the students to Rack Room Shoes where there they were met by One Family Director Kevin Smith and his family and volunteers to assist the children to pick out their new shoes. The shoe drive was a huge success. We were able to buy shoes for 81 children. They also received a gift bag full of goodies including candies, a small toy and even a pair of socks. Children Shoes

Costumes for Children Isabella Smith, daughter of Kevin Smith Director of One Family, noticed that a number of her classmates couldn't afford halloween costumes so they could participate in the school's Fall Festival. Working with her school's administration, One Family provided the costumes for 17 children. Children Costumes

One Family's 2015 Activities


Helping Haiti Looking at these beautiful faces it’s hard to imagine them living in the slums of Cite Soleil pictured on the left. But that is just where they live. Each day they put on their uniforms and come to their school where they are taught and given nourishing meals. The schools were built by an American priest who has been working in Haiti for 20 years. Each day about 10,000 children are attending the K-12 schools throughout Haiti. The schools are staffed by local Haitians who are teachers, administrators, cooks, custodians and many supporting workers. They are paid by donations from generous people in the US.
Members of One Family were invited to spent a week in Haiti to find out how they can help. As you can see in the picture, the classrooms are outfitted with just tables and chairs. There are blackboards. Instruction is lecture based and could benefit by having teaching aids to illustrate the lessons, audio visual technology to bring the lessons to life and musical instruments for their music school. One Family will begin providing these with a shipment in early 2016 and will be looking into providing medical equipment for the clinics and water purification equipment as well.
School Childen

Migrant Workers

Helping Migrant Workers It takes many truck loads to provide enough clothing, bedding and bicycles for a Christmas party for 200 migrant workers and their families. It has become an annual project for One Family to pick up these items from the East Bay Center for Creative Reuse, to repair the bikes and deliver everything to the organization hosting the party. Migrant Worker Truckload
Migrant Clothes Migrant Clothes2 Migrant Clothes2

One Family's 2014 Activities


Tools for Training One Family purchased and shipped power tools and hand tools for job training classes in Cite Soleil Haiti. Adult students are being taught marketable wood working, masonry and plumbing skills to help them obtain jobs. Student in woodshop class

Five Gallon Buckets Five gallon buckets are a valuable commodity in Haiti. It’s not uncommon to see people carrying buckets of water on their heads. They could walk long distances several times a day to bring water home for their families. One Family shipped 100 of these buckets in our 2014 shipment. Girl Carrying Bucket of Water on Head

Central California USA (Farm Workers)

Bikes awaiting new owners One Family provided 30 bicycles for children of farm workers in central California. Left picture: The bikes are lined up waiting to be given to children during an annual Christmas party. Receiving a bicycle (right) is a highlight of this event for the children.

One Family also provided 50 warm coats and 45 sweaters for the children’s parents.
Childern with their bikes

Northern California USA (Homeless)

Loaded shipment for homeless in Redding Our truck is loaded inside and out with warm clothing and sleeping bags destined for the homeless in Redding California. This winter has been particularly cold. The shipment was completely distributed within minutes of arriving in Redding. Homeless receiving warm clothing

One Family's 2013 Activities


Helping Hands The situation in Haiti is still concerning. It’s been four years since a powerful earth quake devastated that country and, while some progress is being made to rebuild, there is still so much yet to be done. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems and suffering in Haiti and to be put off by the reports of government corruption there. Fortunately rebuilding their infrastructure isn’t our mission. We focus on projects that help people. There are plenty of those. One Family doesn’t have a presence in Haiti but, like each of the other countries we have “adopted”, we’ve developed working relationships there that we trust. There are three organizations we work with in Haiti and two of them will take our material aid directly to those in need. In 2013 we sent aid to the Missionaries of Charity who have 8 projects in Haiti situated throughout the country (running an orphanage, providing elderly care, managing a care facility for infirm and dying infants, helping abandoned children and destitute families). We also sent assistance to an organization which has had amazing success in building and running schools with daily hot lunches for thousands of children, providing medical care and agricultural development there. Missionaries of Charity Orphanage

Northern California USA

Oakland, California - Provided new clothing (heavy duty warm sweat pants, sweat shirts and shoes), hygiene supplies and reconditioned bicycles (as needed for transportation) to 75 homeless men.
Richmond, California - Gave a number of reconditioned bicycles to families in need.
Stockton, California - Supplied clothing, hygiene supplies (bathing, dental, first aid, etc.), toys and reconditioned bicycles for a Christmas party for 72 Farm Workers and their families.
Douglas City, California (Trinity County) - Provided new bicycles for a Christmas party for families in need.

One Family's 2011 Activities


Medical Supplies Responding to the terrible situation in Haiti, One Family obtained 6 pallets of much needed medical supplies and medical equipment, and 2 tons of rice and beans and shipped them to the St. Damien Hospital in Tabarre, Haiti. The shipment arrived in June 2011 Rice and Beans for Haiti


There is always a need for bicycles. They provide an emotional lift for children and are a valuable means of transportation. During 2011, 52 bikes were repaired and shipped to an orphanage in Honduras and 35 more were repaired and prepared to ship to an orphanage in El Salvador. One Family has repaired and shipped over 1,400 bikes to refugees and orphanages in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Haiti.

One Family also obtained 8 hospital beds, 8 visitor chairs (both pictured in the clinic) and patient tables for a new clinic in Rancho Santa Fe Honduras. This clinic was founded to serve 500 children who make their home at an orphanage there and for the elderly residents of Casa Eva, a rest home near the orphanage.

Central California USA

The farm workers who migrate to California for work often come without any posessions and live in very difficult conditions. Many stay in tents out in the orchards and fields where they will be picking the crops. This is the only shelter available so they endure it for the time they are in the area which could be several months. Each year One Family purchases hygiene supplies in bulk, repackages them into 144 individual packets (pictured) and distributes them to the workers. One Family is also working with the East Bay Center for Creative Reuse to provide tents, camp stoves, sleeping bags and warm clothing help improve their living conditions.