Without the volunteers none of this could happen. Most of the donated items need cleaning or repairs before they could be sent. These generous people know that they are making a difference with each bike they repair.

Checking out a bike  Roland repairing bicycles

There is always a need for bicycles. They are a valuable means of transportation. Above two volunteers make repairs. To the right, bikes are fixed and ready to go. To the left, the container is almost packed and ready to begin the journey to Tacna, Peru.

This shipment had a little bit of everything. We kept the container open as donations continued to arrive. By the time we were finished rearranging and adding, it was a challenge to get the doors closed.

Below, the shipment arrived in Tacna at 10 pm. Volunteers worked into the night to unload it.

Unloading shipment to Tacna
Unloading shipment to Tacna  Unloading shipment to Tacna