Bicycles are loaded and ready to take to the warehouse where they will wait to be sent to South America and Bosnia. They provide an emotional lift for the children and a means of transportation for the adults.
Members of the Knights of Columbus from St. Isidore’s Church in Danville volunteered to repair bikes. They overhauled 35 bikes on a Saturday morning in November. The bikes were loaded on a container in the photo below.
Thirty-one bikes are loaded on a container bound for an orphanage in Guatemala. They will arrive just before Christmas and will help to make it one the children there won’t easily forget.
Sometimes just a conversation does more good than anything that could be brought in a container. Here Helen (right) spends time with a woman at Domanovici camp. Helen made many friends in the short time we were there.
When the container finally arrived in Ljubuski, Bosnia, it was really exciting to open the door and start unloading. There was so much to be done and we were all anxious to get started. It was unloaded into the warehouse on the left.
Mary and Sandy in the warehouse work feverishly organizing deliveries for the camps as the container is being unloaded in Bosnia. We had only one night to get everything delivered because the container arrived late and we were scheduled to fly out the next day.It was a long, productive and rewarding night.